The Machine

The “DPF CLEANING MACHINE INNOVATION – MTL“ machine can clean all sizes and models of DPF (FAP) filters and catalysts for all types of cars, light goods vehicles of up to 7.5 tons.

The “DPF CLEANING MACHINE INNOVATION – ТТ“ machine can clean all sizes and models of DPF (FAP) filters and catalysts for all types of trucks, agricultural, construction machinery and buses.


  1. Dismantling the filter/catalyst.
  2. Placing the filter/catalyst in the machine.
  3. Warming the water up to 80 degrees and placing the preparation.
  4. Starting inflows from the solution into the filter/catalyst under varying pressure.
  5. Reversing the filter/catalyst in order to fully cover the interior and remove all particles causing the contamination/clogging.



When dismantling the DPF/FAP filter, all the pressure/temperature sensors of exhaust gases/attachment hoses and other filter attachments must be removed. All dismantling and installation after cleaning must be carried out in a specialist workshop by a qualified mechanic. For example: Cleaned filter, but the indicator light on the dashboard is still on. This is possible to happen, here are some of the possible causes:

  1. Contaminated sensors: During the cleaning, the sensors should be removed to avoid possible damage. After cleaning, they are installed back by your service technician. Make sure they are clean and well connected to the board computer.
  2. Debugging: It is highly recommended that after cleaning, your service technician clears all errors on the board computer. Then there should be no error codes or lights on the DFP/FAP dashboard.
  3. Remove other technical failures on the vehicle: Because of the connectivity of systems via the board computer, a problem in any of the electric circuits may affect another. To be cleanable, the particulate filter (DPF) must be technically fit, which includes:



  1. The ceramic core has visible cracks or is broken.
  2. The filter core has deep grooves, holes or corrosion.

Upon receipt of a DPF (FAP) filter for cleaning, an initial detailed review of its condition will be made. If it is cleanable, you will receive additional information about the exact fee and duration of the service. After cleaning the DPF (FAP) filter follows a drying procedure. After that, the vehicle will be assembled.