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The ever-increasing eco-standards in mobile construction have forced manufacturers to install additional exhaust filters on new diesel engines. These filters (FAP/DPF) aim at removing solids from exhaust gases. Like all consumables, these filters also have a certain period of “life.” Their wear (clogging) causes a number of problems, such as the engine entering into emergency mode, increased fuel consumption, and others. The clogging of the DPF/FAP filter also results in back pressure and turbo engine and EGR engine failures. The operation of these filters is strictly monitored by the engine computer, which makes its elimination impossible.

The biggest mistake of vehicle owners with clogged FAP/DPF filters and catalysts is removing them or attempting to clean them through unproven methods.

With regard to the efforts to increase air purity in order to improve the quality of life across Europe, drastic measures are being taken towards environmentally polluting vehicles, and those vehicles with removed FAP/DPF filters and catalysts will be taken off the road.


The abbreviation “DPF” comes from (diesel particulate filter) and in French vehicles such filters are known by the name FAP (filtre à particules).

A particle filter is only designed for diesel vehicles, and for gasoline vehicles this role is played by the catalyst.

What we need to do at the first indications of their clogging is to drive the vehicle for a while, without forcing it unnecessarily. Normally, within 10-15 minutes, the entire regeneration process will complete and the vehicle will return to its normal state – as if this has never happened.

However, there is a “but” here. This process usually helps for the filter to clear up but not entirely. It will clear up less and less over time. Consequently, the vehicle will enter this mode in less and less kilometres run and so until it is completely clogged.

Indications of clogged DPF filter and catalyst:

  • a dashboard light in the vehicle lights up;
  • the vehicle raises its fuel consumption;
  • the vehicle loses power;
  • idle speed rises up;
  • the vehicle emits more smoke than normal.

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